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We're Emma & Sarah, best friends with a shared love for the finer things in life

- good wine & gorgeous weddings. 


When the world ground to a halt along with our 9-5's within the fashion industry, what once seemed a pipe dream, quickly became a reality. With a shared passion for all things weddings and design (plus a good vino or two), we decided to take the leapand Notes Studio was born.
Our customisable collections set the tone for your day with cohesive stationery and signage, from invitations to menus and seating plans. Stylish, timeless design with a focus on beautiful typography, luxurious papers and
high-quality print processes is what truly makes our hearts sing.

Our main aim is to provide a fun and relaxing experience, working collaboratively with you to bring your vision to life through clean refined stationery. 

With Love

sarah & emma

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